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GlobalGayz is a gay-owned charitable travel and culture website focused on les-bi-gay-trans life in countries around the world. It is based on actual visits to far and near countries. Presented here are Stories, Links, News & Reports and Photo Galleries for more than 190 countries about gay travel, culture, human rights, religion, psychology and much more.

(1) The Stories are derived from interviews with local people: LGBT activists and non-activists, students, husbands, wives, doctors, TV producers, sex workers, farmers… globalgays are everywhere. We seek to understand real lives and human rights and we support equality and dignity for each individual. Unfortunately that’s not the situation for the majority of gay people around the world, as you can read in the stories. Included with the stories are many Links affiliated with each country.

(2) Also on this site are countless archived News & Reports gathered from the past ten years from numerous news sources. These are accounts about worldwide gay travel and life written by professional reporters from major and minor media newspapers and magazines as well as from academic, medical and literary journals plus commentaries from individuals. We offer them free of advertising and with full credit to the source authors and publications.

(3) Our Photo Galleries, virtually all taken by GlobalGayz staff, portray many countries through images of everyday life in the streets, hills, markets, factories, castles and jungles. They span the range of human endeavor, from colorful Gay Pride Parades in Holland to the sweaty grit of ship breakers in Bangladesh.

(4) Of further value, see these other Special Interest Pages for Immigration and Asylum assistance, for important Upcoming Events worldwide, for LGBT Travel Agents & Tours, for Gay Travel Books, a list of Gay Travel Writers, an informative Frugal Travel page and a legal brief on Sexual Orientation and the Law. All directories can be accessed from this home page. GlobalGayz also welcomes personal questions: the owner is a clinical psychologist. Contact us by clicking here.

Across the great rainbow of humanity one shining truth stands out: we are all more similar than different; gay, straight or in-between.

Richard Ammon
Owner, GlobalGayz.com