Rights groups condemn ‘brutal and humiliating’ tests on gay men in Tunisia

Men suspected of sodomy are being subjected to anal examinations and confiscation of phones by police, with more than 70 gay men jailed last year More than 70 gay men were jailed by Tunisian authorities last year, according to activists, who warn anal tests and phone searches are being used to identify suspects. Mounir Baatour,… Read more »

This UK gay guy went to Swaziland’s 1st Pride: his story is shocking and inspiring

Interview: ‘Are there going to be petrol bombs? Rubber bullets?’ Riyadh Khalaf on tense journey making latest film ‘”We need kidnapping random insurance.’” That’s what Riyadh Khalaf’s director of photography told him right before they and their six-person crew set off to make documentary ‘Fighting For Pride: Swaziland’, about the country’s first-ever Pride parade this… Read more »

Men arrested on suspicion of ‘being gay’ in Zanzibar released on bail

The incident is still being investigated and the men could be charged in the future, police said Ten men arrested last weekend for ‘being gay’ in the Tanzanian island of Zanzibar have been released. On 3 November, police raided a beach resort following a tip-off that a same-sex marriage was taking place on Pongwe Beach.… Read more »

Tunisia: Privacy Threatened by ‘Homosexuality’ Arrests

Government Using Personal Data, Anal ‘Tests’ for Prosecutions (Tunis) – Tunisian authorities are confiscating and searching the phones of men they suspect of being gay and pressuring them to take anal tests and to confess to homosexual activity, Human Rights Watch said today. Prosecutors then use information collected in this fashion to prosecute them for… Read more »

US warns its citizens in Tanzania before anti-gay crackdown

Dar Es Salaam: The United States has warned its citizens in Tanzania to be cautious after the commercial capital Dar es Salaam announced a crackdown on homosexuality, a criminal offence in the country. In an alert on its website late on Saturday, the U.S. Embassy in Tanzania advised Americans to review their social media profiles… Read more »

Tanzanian Leader Launches Anti-Gay Crackdown, Expects to Round Up Hundreds

The Regional Commissioner of Tanzania’s largest city announced the creation of an anti-gay surveillance squad that is expected to begin a roundup as early as Monday. In an interview with Dizzim TV on Monday, Paul Makonda ordered residents throughout Dar es Salaam to report gay people to a phone hotline in advance of the widespread… Read more »

Tanzanian governor asks for names as he launches new social media squad to arrest gay people

Tanzanian authorities are set to track down and arrest gay people — who face at least 30 years in prison — after the announcement of an anti-gay surveillance squad. Paul Makonda, governor of the country’s largest city Dar es Salaam, issued the directive in a news conference delivered on Monday. The 17-member squad will seek… Read more »


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Dar es Salaam governor launches anti-gay clampdown

The governor of Tanzania’s economic capital Dar es Salaam on Monday launched an anti-gay clampdown, threatening to arrest people suspected of being homosexuals. “I have information about the presence of many homosexuals in our province,” Paul Makonda told reporters on Monday, calling on citizens to begin reporting homosexuals for round-ups to begin next week. Under… Read more »

Kenya High Court to rule on decriminalizing gay sex in February

The court heard arguments on how India’s landmark ruling this year affected Kenya’s court case Kenya’s High Court will rule on whether to repeal Section 162 of the Penal Code, which criminalizes gay sex, on 22 February 2019. On Thursday (25 October), judges heard final arguments relating to India’s decriminalization before making the announcement. Kenya’s… Read more »

‘Kill the Gays’ Uganda MP receives award at Britain’s Parliament

Despite her notorious homophobic views, Rebecca Kadaga received the award for being one of only a few female leaders in Africa A British thinktank has defended giving an award to the politician from Uganda behind the infamous ‘Kill the Gays’ bill. Rebecca Kadaga is the House Speaker in the Ugandan parliament and was recently award… Read more »

Nigerian man comes out as gay via Instagram poll, receives death threats

One person responded: ‘You will not live to see another day here in Nigeria’ A Nigerian man publicly came out as gay via an Instagram poll and then people sent him death threats. 27-year-old Daniel ‘Yomi Asaya was born in Benin City in Nigeria but moved to the UK in 2014. He works as a… Read more »

LGBTI people in Africa’s Congo driven to desperate lengths to survive

LGBTI people are too afraid to leave their homes because of the risk of extreme violence The frantic WhatsApp messages start pouring in one night, ‘help me my father found out I’m gay’. ‘I’m worried he’s going to kill me,’ one reads. ‘He says he doesn’t want me in the house, he thinks I’m a… Read more »

This year’s Soweto Pride is the biggest one yet as hundreds celebrate

The LGBTI community wants to reclaim the streets of Soweto The Soweto Pride is on this weekend and just two years after it was forced to shut down it is celebrating its biggest event yet. For the first time ever the Soweto Pride will run over three days and feature a parade, camping and after-party.… Read more »

Kenya’s High Court will decide whether to follow India’s gay sex verdict

Could Kenya become the next country to decriminalize homosexuality? Kenya’s High Court has allowed arguments whether India’s decision to scrapped its gay sex ban is relevant to Kenya. The court said it will allow parties to make submissions on the issue based on the Supreme Court of India’s decision to scrap Section 377 of the… Read more »

Gay teacher at leading Zimbabwean private school resigns after death threats

A teacher at a prestigious private school in Zimbabwe was forced to resign on Friday after his admission that he was gay prompted a furious backlash from parents. Neal Hovelmeier, one of two deputy headmasters at St. John’s College, Harare, said he had been left no choice but to quit after threats were made against… Read more »

Four arrested for homosexuality in Senegal as part of pre-election crackdown

The LGBTI crackdown ahead of national elections is happening so politicians don’t seem ‘pro-homosexual’ LGBTI groups in Senegal said an increase in arrests for alleged homosexuality is a government crackdown on the LGBTI community. The latest arrests of two men and two women in the capital, Dakar, prompted the comments. Police arrested the four after… Read more »

Kenya judge lifts ban and rules lesbian film can be submitted to the Oscars

Will this film win Best Foreign Film at next year’s Academy Awards? A Kenya judge has lifted the ban on a lesbian film and said it can be submitted to the Oscars. Rafiki, which means ‘friend’ in Swahili, was banned in Kenya due to its homosexual storyline. Given its premiere at the Cannes Film Festival,… Read more »

Lesbian romance director sues Kenya to lift ban on film

If the ban on “Rafiki” stays in place, it will not be eligible as Kenya’s Best Foreign Language Film entry for the 2019 Academy Awards. Nairobi – The Kenyan director of a movie banned in her home country for telling the love story of two women has filed a lawsuit seeking to lift the bar… Read more »

‘Nigeria is as gay as any other country’

Drag queen Son of a Tutu performs in the UK, but has adopted a Nigerian persona to make a point. LGBT rights are not recognised in Nigeria, where being openly gay is punishable by jail. Here he tells the story of how he overcame beatings and family expectations to finally become who he was born… Read more »

Two teenage girls in South Africa have been expelled for kissing

Two South African girls have been expelled for kissing each other. The teenagers were thrown out of Durban’s Inanda Seminary, a private Christian boarding school for girls, after seminary officials said they were caught kissing for 20 minutes. In June, South Africa’s Equality Court found that religion was no excuse for homophobia, ruling against a… Read more »

‘Make Nigeria Gay Again’: how one artist is fighting homophobia in Africa

Starring the gay demon, Sigil, this is everything you need to know and how you can help A funky new video is highlighting the roots and impacts of entrenched homophobia in Nigeria. Nigerian digital artist, Sigil, made the almost 30-minute long video. Called ‘Happy Pride, Nigeria’ it goes beyond a history lesson and incorporates queer,… Read more »

Swaziland held its first Pride parade despite homosexuality being illegal – and it was amazing

Swaziland has celebrated its first ever Pride parade, defying a national ban on homosexuality. Around 500 people marched along the streets of Mbabane, the capital of Swaziland – which renamed itself eSwatini earlier this year – despite fears of a violent backlash. A Pride event held at Kenya’s Kakuma refugee camp in June led to… Read more »

God Knows Us. God Loves Us.

Life on the margins in L.G.B.T. Africa. These days, our busy, digital lives leave us obsessed with what’s in front of us, and often ill equipped to reflect on what is larger than us. H.I.V. and AIDS advocacy forces us to think big: to consider the progress we have made — as a movement, and… Read more »

Following pride event, Kenya’s gay refugees fear for their lives

Approximately 600 people showed up for the first pride event held at one of the world’s largest refugee camps. The Kakuma Refugee Camp in northwestern Kenya held its first LGBTQ pride event on Saturday, but now the event’s organizers are in fear for their lives. After the event, which organizers said drew approximately 600 people,… Read more »

Canaries in the coal mines

An analysis of spaces for LGBTI activism in Botswana Country Report Read entire report here: Source – The Other Foundation

Pride leader got hundreds of death threats in just one day in Mauritius

LGBTI advocates received threats of mutilation and execution The LGBTI community in Mauritius is in shock after organizers cancelled the annual Pride March cancelled because of threats of violence from ‘anti-LGBTQ’ protestors. Mauritius’s leading LGBTI organization, the Collectif Arc-en-Ciel (CAEC), plans the Pride March ever year. 2018 was supposed to be the 13th anniversary of… Read more »

Nigeria gets its first LGBT-focused talk show

Two Nigerians, Chijioke Okoli and Cisi Eze, popularly known as CJ and Cisi, have banded together to launch a radio show that will explore issues relating to homosexuality in Nigeria. Okoli is an experienced radio show host, public speaker and media personality who once worked at WE FM 106.3 Abuja as co-host on a sex… Read more »

Cameroon police arrest and torture 25 men for being gay

Police in Cameroon have arrested 25 men on suspicion of being gay. Homosexuality is illegal in Cameroon, with those convicted of homosexuality facing up to five years in prison. The arrests were made in the early hours of Saturday morning, as police raided institutions in the capital city of Yaoundé which are known to be… Read more »

Burundi: repressive constitutional reform to give the president full powers

Paris – 15 May 2018. At the end of a one-sided campaign, where voters were registered by force and where promoting a “no” or abstention was brutally repressed, on 17 May the Burundians will be invited to give their opinion on a proposed change to the Constitution. The paper published today by FIDH and the… Read more »

Director of Kenyan lesbian film says she’s been ‘threatened with arrest’

The director of a Kenyan lesbian film, which debuted at Cannes Film Festival this month, says her home country has warned her with the “threat of arrest.” Rafiki, which means friend in Swahili, is about two Kenyan girls who fall in love. It was banned in the African country after director Wanuri Kahiu reportedly refused… Read more »

A Unique Window on Being Queer in Nigeria

Abuja, Nigeria — “Whenever I was with her, I was open. I could talk … my sexuality does not define who I am.” These words are from a new book, “She Called Me Woman: Nigeria’s Queer Women Speak.” The new book, released this week, is a collection of interviews with two dozen women. It offers… Read more »

President Uhuru Kenyatta Says Gay Rights Are ‘Of No Importance’ In Kenya

Appearing this week on CNN, President Uhuru Kenyatta claimed that gay rights are not an issue of human rights in Kenya. Christiane Amanpour, host of CNN International’s Amanpour, asked Kenyatta whether equal rights for sexual minorities is something he “aspires to” for Kenya, where gay sex is a crime and violators face up to 14… Read more »

Gay rights ruling in Kenya could reverberate through Africa

Gay rights activists are celebrating after a Kenyan court ruled that subjecting suspected gay men to forced anal testing was illegal. The landmark case marked a significant shift in sexual minority rights in the country, which activists hope will eventually lead to decriminalizing homosexuality in Kenya and other countries in the region. This case surrounds… Read more »

Gay Kenyans sense they may be on the brink of a historic legal triumph

Nairobi — Faced with police shakedowns and abuse, rejection from religious conservatives and rampant discrimination, Kenyan LGBT rights activists are challenging provisions of this former British colony’s Victorian-era penal code that implicitly outlaw gay sex. In a move that could spawn copycat tactics across Africa and beyond, three Kenyan LGBT rights groups have petitioned a… Read more »

Gay Kenyans sense they may be on the brink of a historic legal triumph

Nairobi — Faced with police shakedowns and abuse, rejection from religious conservatives and rampant discrimination, Kenyan LGBT rights activists are challenging provisions of this former British colony’s Victorian-era penal code that implicitly outlaw gay sex. In a move that could spawn copycat tactics across Africa and beyond, three Kenyan LGBT rights groups have petitioned a… Read more »

Kenyan Court Bans Anal Exams For Suspected Gays

A Kenyan appeals court on Thursday banned the use of forced anal exams to test whether two men had gay sex. Gay sex is a crime in Kenya and violators face up to 14 years in prison. The case involves two men accused of being gay in 2015. The men were subjected to forced anal… Read more »

Kenya Awaits Ruling In Landmark Case To Legalize Gay Sex

At present, persecution of LGBTQ people in the country is rife. Nairobi (Thomson Reuters Foundation) – When John Mathenge finished primary school in the early 1990s, he dreamed of becoming a lawyer. But his dreams were shattered when life showed him what being gay in Kenya meant. His sexual orientation was seen as sinful from… Read more »

LEGAL is a Rights Based Organization established to address issues affecting LGBTI groups in Liberia.

Dear All, With high esteem LEGAL extends its greetings to you all. LEGAL like to bring to your attention the ordeal of one of the members of the LGBTIQ Community within its sisterly Country, the Republic of Sierra Leone. Mary Conteh is an aspirant in the Sierra Leone General and Presidential Elections. She reported to… Read more »

Ugandan LGBTQ+ activists announce plans for Pride following crackdown

LGBTQ+ activists in Uganda have announced plans to run a Pride event this year after a violent crackdown in 2016 which saw police raids and arrests at the event. Ahead of the 2016 Pride, government officials warned that they would arrest anyone that took part. ? Simon Lokodo, the Minister of State for ‘Ethics &… Read more »