HIV risk practices and access to prevention in a men’s prison in Burkina Faso.


The aim of this survey was to assess the HIV risk practices of male prisoners and their access to prevention. This descriptive study took place at the House of Detention and Corrections in Ouagadougou from June through August 2012. In all, 165 prisoners (median age: 28 years, range: 18-65) were interviewed. A low proportion of the prisoners (16%) had accurate knowledge of the modes of HIV transmission. Before imprisonment, their sex lives featured multiple partners, occasional sex, and low condom use. Seven (4%) prisoners reported homosexual relations while in prison. The conditions of incarceration and the denial of homosexual practices at Ouagadougou aggravate prisoners’ vulnerability to HIV/AIDS.

by Ouedraogo O, Guiard Schmid JB, Ouedraogo TM, Mesenge C, Rapp C.
Source – PubMed