One Dead In ‘St. Paul’s Senior High School’s’ Riot

Students of St. Paul’s Senior High School (SHS) in Denu have been asked to go home following a rampage that left a student dead and several others injured.

The students were reportedly protesting against attempts by the Police to protect their colleagues whom they accused of sodomy.

A teacher at the school said the students who reportedly caught two colleagues sodomizing insisted on “delivering instant justice to the suspects.”

‘’These boys said they wouldn’t agree because the teachers have not been doing anything to students practising gay in the school’’.

He added that “the situation got out of hand so we invited the police; immediately the police came the students started throwing stones at the officers.”

The intervention by the Police to prevent further clashes rather fueled the riots as students were seen hurling objects at the Police and destroying school properties.

The students also barricaded the major roads and burnt lorry ties.

The two suspects; first and second year male students were purportedly seen caressing and having unnatural sex.
Some of the students who spoke to Citi News said they were compelled to immediately penalize their suspects because the school authorities have been condoning such acts in the school.

“The school is ready to penalize us when we wear unsubscribed attires but fail to apply the rules when other colleagues sodomize,’’ they said. Some of the students have also accused the Police of having a hand in their colleague’s death saying, “the Police came opening fire on us and one of the stray bullets hit our friend.’’ –

by Suzzie Dale
Source – Ghana Visions