Kenya – Blackmailers Flee As Police Hunt Intensifies

Blackmailers Targeting gay men have moved out of Nairobi and are located in Mombasa and Kisumu after police launched investigations in a bid to arrest them.

According to the latest reports, the blackmailers who operate as a gang abandoned a house in Embakasi estate where they used as their center of operations to swindle and threaten gay men.

They have allegedly moved to the towns of Mombasa and Kisumu to avoid the police dragnet that was set up to capture and have them charged for blackmail and extortion.

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Just last week, a warning was issued by LGBTI social advocacy group, Out In Kenya, that said that one of the notorious members of the gang by the name Stephen Ambaka was spotted in Kisumu and cautioned LGBTI members in the lakeside city to be careful.

The group also provided aliases that Ambaka goes with as well as telephone numbers he uses to communicate with victims.

The gang has been terrorizing gay men and extorting money from them. Most of the victims report they met the gang online and were invited to the house in Embakasi.

While there, the victims were stripped, beaten and photos taken while they are naked in bed with one of the blackmailers. They used these photos to demand money or they would release them to the family or work colleagues of the victim.

Several victims parted with cash amounts of between 25,000 to 60,000Kshs.

According to a police source, two senior officers have been assigned the case and are using mobile tracking to trace the whereabouts of the gang members.

In the meantime, police have asked victims to come forward to help with the investigations.

Source – Identity Kenya