Three Lesbians Beaten, Assaulted In Nairobi CBD

(UPDATED) Three lesbian women were reportedly assaulted last week on Thursday morning by persons known to them inside a lodging house in downtown Nairobi.

The three women, it is alleged, had just spent a night together in the same bed and were chatting when two men – who are known to them – stormed into their room demanding to know why three women were sharing a bed.

The two assailants, ‘Herb’ who works as a Master of Ceremony at popular bar in the CBD and ‘Blacki’, a khat hawker, proceeded to allude to the fact that they knew the women were lesbians and that they would show them who a man is.

The attackers, it is said, claimed that they were going to ‘funza the lesbians adabu’ (teach them a lesson) for behaving like men and taking up the role of men in sex.

They proceeded to attack the three women, descending on them with fist punches and kicks and tore their clothes off.

It has established that one of the women who was beaten was a key witness in a recent assault case where a trans-man had been assaulted within the same location of Nairobi.

Jane*, one of the victims in this attack, told sources that similar low scale attacks and lesbo-phobic harassment had taken place before and reported to one of the lesbian groups in Nairobi but no action was taken since they were ‘not members of any group.’

The three women suffered slight injuries and only one victim had recorded a statement with the police.

Activists are said to be trying to trace their whereabouts in a bid to get them medical and legal aid.

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by Staff Writer
Source – Identity Kenya