Liberia: Gay Practice On the Rise Here

A Montserrado County Senator has alarmed that the practice of homosexuality is on an unprecedented rise here, especially among young men.

Sen. Doe Sherif indicated that some influential and economically powerful men and women in the Liberian society were using cash to induce young men to the practice gay and lesbianism. Speaking in Monrovia on Truth FM yesterday, Sen. Doe Sherif noted that as a result of the hardship, young men and women are lured into homo-sexuality.

“The sanity and dignity of our people are heading for the wrong direction; because of poverty and hardship, they subject themselves to such homo-sexual practices – gay lesbianism. This is terrifying and worrisome because in the near future if nothing is done, we could end up in some messy situation,” the Montserrado County lawmaker said.

According to her, it was embarrassing for men who afford economically to abuse the young generation in such demining manner. Sen. Doe Sherif, also emphasized the involvement of the entire government in addressing such devilish act.

“This gay practice is getting on the rampage here. Our boys are enjoying it, forgetting that those men who have money are abusing and tempering with their future. We, as a government, must do something about it now. This is taking away the sanity, cultural and tradition that made us Liberians. I’m deeply worried about it, and hope something can be done soon,” she added, further indicating that homosexual acts at the moment are punishable by a year in jail under Liberia’s Sodomy Laws. She is proposed making it felony to carry a 10-year jail sentence.

The practice of hono-sexuality is reportedly on the increase in the provincial commercial city of Ganta in Nimba County. One young man, who pleaded not to be named, said about four young men, including him, have fallen prey to the whims prominent gays in the city in exchange for regular ‘cash and material things’.

by E. J. Nathaniel Daygbor
Source – allAfrica