Time for Lesbians

They no longer hesitate to walk the streets, frequenting bars and other parts “hot” in the capital. And even kissing in public. Morals are they changing? It’s the least we can say.

After the girls, fans of alcohol, here come the hour of lesbians. In the old days Malian women were ashamed to display their homosexuality because of social constraints. They are not hiding anymore to walk the streets, attend bars and other parts “hot” the capital. And they do not hesitate even to approach their homosexuality when they find themselves in “grin”.

“I am a lesbian and I’m proud. I see no harm in that. I am major and I am conscious of my responsibility.” So said KS during an interview she gave us. This citizen of 22 years staunchly lives her life as she sees fit. The beauty of KS can leave no man indifferent. Despite hers attractiveness to the males, the tidy K. S has always had little regard for men. She had never hidden her love for girls.

Our interlocutor took the plunge last 4 years. She currently attends to a in a neighborhood of Medina. The two girls met at a wedding ceremony and since it is the romance. They go everywhere together and behave like a real couple without paying attention to insults and taunts against them in all day long.

KS was drawn to the masculine look of her girlfriend. It was she who plays the male role in marriage. As KS and his girlfriend say, Bamako is full of lesbians couples. If some girls become lesbians to meet their fantasy, others by cons, out of necessity. Because the environment is conducive to making fast money. Some others sway to gay  under the influence of their friends.

This is the case of HD. The student has left to stay by her friend Fac. “When we met at the university, I did not know that she was a lesbian. But over time, I noticed because she kept telling me she’s never dated a boy “she said. HD’s girlfriend who has always maintained that men do not interest her finally confessed that she is part of a network of homosexuals. HD was persuaded by her friend to enter the lesbian network. She rolls on a motorcycle named ‘Jakarta’ which is shared with her friend. “I am dependent on her and we really like it. She made me who I am today. I have nothing to envy to anyone” she confesses with a smile. HD has no plans to separate from her girlfriend.

HT is also a lesbian and she does not hide it. She could not care of the less jeers of her neighbors in the neighborhood. “I chose to be a lesbian and no matter what people may think of me,” she said. She also acknowledges that her parents are ashamed of what she is.

The case of AS is rather true. She currently lives in concubinage with her girlfriend. “I left my family to move in with my partner. It is there that I find fun,” she says, adding that her family is still opposed to her choice. Yet she is determined to spend the rest of his life with her concubine.

The history of ZT is no less true. This daddy’s girl became lesbian because she could not bear to be deceived or abused by men. “I lived with a man who mistreated me, although I took care,” she says. It was during one of his many outrages that ZT met her current partner. She currently lives in perfect harmony with it. ZT goes further. She urged the authorities to legalize the situation of lesbians in order to make them free from threats and taunts. “Why they do not allow us to get married to form a normal couple” asks she.

Some people are appalled by the rise of the lesbian phenomenon in Bamako. Condemning the fact that these “homos” are quick to kiss and fondle in public in some places. They do not shy and do not hesitate to chat up other girls. AG complains of being harassed by a lesbian. “She initially wanted me to be her friend. I refused the offer. After she started sending me text messages with pornographic images and offer me gifts. Then I realized the game, and I did not hesitate to send for another photo, “she recounted.

Modibo Keita thinks our society can not tolerate “this shameless practice which unfortunately takes momentum in the country.” He blames especially for parents of lesbians who have failed to properly educate their offspring. Astan is more categorical. She believes that lesbianism should be punished. “These girls have no shame and deserve a good hiding” is offended does. As for Hamidou Koné, he will not even hear about lesbians.
– (Translated from French)

Source – L’Essor–Quotidien d’information du mali (Daily news of Mali)