Nigeria will allow foreign diplomats who are same-sex married to serve

Nigeria’s Foreign Affairs Minister says that if diplomats who are in same-sex marriages are sent to the West African nation they will be allowed to do their jobs despite the country’s law criminalizing same-sex marriage

Nigerian Minister of Foreign Affairs Olugbenga Ashiru has said that Nigeria will allow foreign diplomats married to people of the same sex into the country despite its ban on same-sex marriage and homosexuality.

Ashiru made the announcement in an interview with the News Agency of Nigeria in London yesterday.

Ashiru said that ambassadors posted to Nigeria would be allowed to serve in the country with their spouses, ‘no matter their marriage status.’

‘Nigeria is not against any country for legalising gay marriage but in our country, given our customs and traditions, as well as religious beliefs, marriage as ordained by God is between a man and a woman,’ Ashiru said.

‘But if we have diplomats with same sex spouses posted to Nigeria, we have no choice but to accredit them accordingly because they come from countries where such law is in place.’

The Nigerian National Assembly has passed a bill making same-sex marriage a crime with a penalty of between 10 and 14 years in prison for anyone who enters into or participates in a same-sex wedding – including wedding guests.

Having banned same-sex marriage members of Nigeria’s Upper House last week voted in favor of child marriage, angering the National Association of Nigerian Students (NANS).

‘We hereby pass a vote of no confidence in the Upper Chamber of the National Assembly over this unprogressive action and dishonor they had brought to our culture,’ the students wrote in a statement.

‘How can the Senate of the most populous nation in Africa debate and pass such action? We want to say that children under age 18 and below must be constitutionally protected and accommodated in our constitution.’

by Andrew Potts
Source – Gay Star News