Two men arrested under Tunisian sodomy law

Two men were arrested on sodomy charges in Tunisia on March 31, the news website Tunisia Live reported.

Staff at the Sheraton Tunis Hotel reportedly discovered the men having sex and called security forces, which led to the arrest.

The men were not identified in the Tunisia Live article, which added that “attempts to confirm details of the incident with the police and the Ministry of the Interior … were unsuccessful.”

Under Tunisian law, sodomy is punishable by up to three years in prison.

The Liberal Party in Tunisia issued a denial that one of the two men arrested was party leader Mounir Baatour, which another website had reported. In Tunisia Live, Enma Galeli of Human Rights Watch said “that the law is used by police to interfere in citizens’ personal lives and accusations such as those against Baatour are often used to tarnish people’s reputations.”

by Colin Stewart
Source – Erasing 76 Crimes