Gay law: Kazibwe warns Museveni

In a statement on Monday, former Vice President, Specioza Wandira-Kazibwe belatedly criticized the signing into law of the Anti-Homosexuality Bill and urged for its repeal.

She said the law would have negative public health implications and serious consequences for Uganda’s international reputation and support from donors.

Kazibwe, a special envoy of the UN Secretary General for HIV/Aids in Africa, said in a Monday statement that she had told President Museveni that the criminalization of homosexuality only serves to fuel stigma and discrimination against lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) persons and risks undermining the national Aids response, which is otherwise making significant progress.

She wrote: “I am in full solidarity with the LGBT community and I will continue to defend their rights in Uganda and across Africa. Rest assured of my unwavering support and action for the realization of the rights for every human being, which has been my struggle since childhood.

I will not reverse my path. I will continue to engage with the government of Uganda and civil society organizations on this important matter, and I continue to urge the Government of Uganda to revise or repeal the Anti-Homosexuality Act at the earliest opportunity.”

President Museveni told CNN in an interview soon after signing the bill into law last month, that the law is intended “to demonstrate Uganda’s independence in the face of Western pressure and provocation.”

He also added, while commissioning a new flight simulator at the air force headquarters in Entebbe on February 22, that the US should stop interfering in the affairs of Uganda, adding that he would work with Russia instead of America.

“Russia has worked in Africa since 1917, meaning they have been here for more than 100 years. I want to work with Russia because they don’t mix up their politics with other countries’ politics,” Museveni said.

But Western countries said the law legitimized the abuse of the rights of gay people and warned that they would suspend aid. So far at least Shs 262 billion worth of donor aid has been withheld.

by Edris Kiggundu
Source – The Observer