How One Reverend Is Defying Uganda’s ‘Kill The Gays’ Act

Uganda made international headlines when President Yoweri Museveni signed Uganda’s “Kill the Gays” Act into law, jailing people for 14 years to life for loving someone of the same sex and leading to massive spikes in hate crime violence.

But one Reverend in the country is generating press for a different reason: hosting prayer sessions and counseling services even as he, too, faces prison for refusing to discriminate.

Rev. Christopher Senyonjo had already been cut from Uganda’s Anglican Church for calling on religious leaders to embrace LGBT people instead of encouraging hate and violence. Now his activism threatens to put him behind bars, too — unless we draw the attention of the international community to his fight.

Uganda has already lost millions in global aid because of its hate policies. If enough of us stand behind Rev. Senyonjo, we can keep him out of prison and help him stay an ally and powerful voice against homophobia in Uganda.

Will you join us in sending a message of thanks and support to Rev. Senyonjo, and a warning to President Museveni?

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