Kutesa lashes out at pro-gay activists

Kampala – The President of the United Nations General Assembly (UNGA), Mr Sam Kutesa, yesterday directed a salvo at pro-gay activists and international rights campaigners who last year pushed a petition to block his ascension to the UN seat.

Mr Kutesa, who is in the country on an official visit since his election last June as president of UNGA, said he has not been mistreated nor has Uganda been depicted in bad light over the Anti-Homosexuality Law, which was struck down by the Constitutional Court.

“It is not a problem. I had been nominated by my country Uganda and the African continent had endorsed me,” Mr Kutesa said.

To drive the point home that the pro-gay could not succeed in blocking his candidature, Mr Kutesa used an adage: “No matter how much noise the frogs make, they cannot stop a cow from drinking water.”

Human rights activists backed by some politicians in the US and UK had raised a petition two months to the election on June 11 last year on an online platform to raise signatures world over to block his presidency.

Mr Kutesa, who is also the Minister of Foreign Affairs, was addressing journalists at the ministry headquarters in Kampala where he vowed to steer the post-2015 Millenium Development Goals agenda, notably of all the UN member countries aligning their respective National Development Agendas with the UN programmes to ensure that the next phase of goals strike a far wider reaching impact.

by Frederic Musisi
Source – Daily Monitor