Police move to protect gay rights stirs Christians to call on God

The move by Ugandan Police to endorse a workshop on gay rights caused uproar, with Christians and non Christians alike expressing their outrage at the security body for endorsing “what the constitution gravely condemns and points to as illegal” in the country.

Police spokesman, Mr Emilian Kayima confirmed to Journalists that the workshop funded by police partners was aimed at teaching field officers to appreciate that “minorities have rights that should be respected.”

Mr Kayima, who just replaced AIGP Asan Kasingye, however disregarded claims that it promoted homosexual practises.
““If an intersexual person is arrested, the officers should be able to know how to handle the suspect. The officers must be able to know whether to detain the suspect in male or woman’s cell,” he told the Daily Monitor on Thursday.

Contrary to what media reported, sources claim the workshop was organised by an NGO called Most At-Risk Populations Network (MARPs).

“They sought to sensitize people about LGBT and police officers are also part of the section invited,” the source says.
MARPs Network is most popular in LGBTI circles for response to, the STD/AIDS Control Programs with a focus on sex workers (SWs) and men who have sex with men (MSM), lesbians, fishing communities, boda boda riders and truckers .

The group recently boosted about having lobbied for the requisition a significant amount of condoms and lubricants from the Ministry of Health through Uganda Health Marketing Group (UHMG).

“We are contacting each of the contact persons for the distribution points to be available during delivery to make the process easier, faster and efficient,” they said announcing the official distribution early November.

Last year, MARPs Network (also known as key populations) said it concluded Phase 1: a five (5) day training of security commanders in Public Health Approaches to law enforcement in the context of HIV and key Populations.

In Uganda, the anti-homosexuality act was nullified 2014, homosexuality remains a crime under the penal code.
Social Media Outrage

The workshop ignited mixed reactions, with critics saying “if homosexuality is normal, why would someone want it to be “protected.” Proponents said heterosexual or gay, “we all deserve to be treated equally.”

“When did Uganda finally accept such here?? All that is satanism, they should preach to them, instead of offering protection to such evil.. Uganda needs Jesus or else we are heading for Gomorrah and Sodom,” Facebook user, (a one) Rhina Blessing said.

“Finally Police has received homo funds and can now publicly come out to give them protection,” Sylvester Gore Owan said.

Julius Twongyeirwe wrote: “What kind of protection? Do they protect the acts, the values, their homes or their speech?
Who is paying? If some life styles are seen as privileged, many will indeed want it. We all need protection. The rights of some to do the wrongs should not be over privileged.”

“But given the fact that we stay with them illegally, then I think the police is right to discuss them, I can’t imagine if they are arrested which cells are they taken in men’s cell or women cell, it’s a crazy act which cell would they fit?” Ngabirano
Dan Dion stated. “So it’s better to discuss a problem now and find its solutions.”

Another user said: “Gay, straight, qeer… we all deserve to be treated equally. Those that feel hurt by police actions should go a hang.”

by Staff Writer
Source – UG Christian News