Stop Uganda’s “Kill The Gays” Bill Author From Entering The U.S.

Richard Ammon,
I’m posting this message sent from an activist friend in Uganda.It is incredibly beyond words that this vile man should weasel his way to Washington for a ‘prayer breakfast’ with the President. I am amazed at the gall this bizarre bigot to think he can sit at the same table as Barack Obama–not that Obama is perfect but at least he has a moral heart.

David Bahati, the author of Uganda’s now internationally infamous “Kill The Gays” bill, is scheduled to attend the National Prayer Breakfast on February 4th. We cannot allow him to enter this country.

The “Kill The Gays” bill is designed to eradicate homosexuals from Uganda. This is genocide in its most hateful form. It literally calls for anyone who IS homosexual to be put to death, and calls for anyone who knows anyone who is homosexual to be jailed if they do not tell the state the names of the people known to be homosexual.

The ramifications are staggering. And yet Bahati has said he will push to have these portions of the bill included.
We need to take a stand. Contact the U.S. State Department. Sign this petition demanding Bahati be prevented from gaining access to this country.

It truly is a matter of life and death.
In solidariy

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