Uganda anti-gay law struck down: Lawmakers strike back

‘Make no mistake the gymnastics and simple technicalities will never rule this country’

Uganda’s humiliated lawmakers have struck back after the anti-gay law was nullified earlier today (1 August).

In an incredible victory, the Constitutional Court’s judges agreed with the gay rights activists that parliament did not follow proper procedure when they passed the law. The law was declared unconstitutional and nullified.

Back in December, it was passed without quorum meaning there was not the required amount of lawmakers to legalize bills under the constitution.

David Bahati, the author of the Anti-Homosexuality Act, has responded to the loss.

‘Make no mistake the gymnastics and simple technicalities will never rule this country,’ he said.

‘I want to thank the speaker and all of the members of parliament who stood for what is right.

‘Our competent legal team will continue to petition the Supreme Court and I believe we will win.

‘The Attorney General who is very competent will petition the Constitutional Court over the Constitutional Court ruling.’

He added: ‘The court case ruling is no victory at all. The morals of the people of Uganda will prevail.’

Medard Bitekyerezo, another MP, said: ‘If Supreme Court rules against us; the bill should be brought back to parliament and MPs vote by show of hands.’

Pastor Martin Ssempa and his supporters have alleged that Uganda’s court system is ‘corrupt’.

‘Let us pray that the judges are not bribed by the homos,’ one said before the ruling. ‘

Edwin Sesange, a Ugandan gay rights activist, told Gay Star News they will try to ensure no homophobic law is passed by parliament.

‘We may have this victory, but our work has to be doubled. We must increase public awareness in the LGBT community and elsewhere to make sure this never happens again.

by Joe Morgan
Source – Gay Star News