Ugandan tabloid publishes photos of ‘bum drillers’ at Birmingham Pride ‘mega sex fest’

A tabloid in Uganda has published photos of Ugandan people celebrating pride in the UK, referring to pride as a “mega sex fest”.

The newspaper ‘Hello Daily’, published an article with photos from Birmingham Pride, making ridiculous claims that the pride event was an “anal sex fete”, and a “mega sex festival.”

Referring to gay people as “bum drillers”, the article went on to claim that no work had taken place in Birmingham since Pride on 23 and 24 May.

The article, which was accompanied by a front page splash reads: “The Ugandan gay community in Birmingham City (United Kingdom) held a mega sex festival over the weekend that attracted over 2000 gays and their sympathisers.
The anal sex fete which was organised by notorious bum drillers brought work in the city to a standstill since that fateful day, nothing else mattered.”

“Ugandans as the majority… This year’s sex festival was held on Saturday and calls were made to Ugandans to stop persecuting the gays, arguing that they are normal human beings like the other bisexuals in the world.”

“Most of the daring gays were seen on the streets spanking each other with love, cuddling and swapping saliva with partners of the sames ex like the world would end the following day. One of the remarkable couples was that of a young serial Ugandan bum driller who was seen holding his white pensioner partner tightly.”

Photos included revellers at the event, and some of the Out and Proud Diamond African LGBTI Group.

Isaac Kaweesi, the mobiliser of the Out and Proud Diamond Group, said: “As much as Birmingham pride has been mistaken to be a gay sex festival. However our point of creating visibility is moving in the right direction. We are calling upon our Ugandan and African brothers and sisters to move in the direction of acceptance.”

Christine Amenya, a Ugandan LGBT rights activists based in the UK, added: “Even though many have now resorted to blackmail and denial, we calling upon them to think twice before they continue hating us because we are their sisters and brothers.

“It is our duty now to continue our work of reaching out to all corners of the World as we are getting rid of anti gay hate.”

Tony Kitara, a member of the Out and Proud Diamond Group, said: “This was not a sex festive but a moment for us to celebrate our freedom- together united. Being gay is not about sex, this is a misconception that most of our people are driven into believing by the anti gay activists. I am proud that the people of Uganda have now seen the life am enyoying as a human being. Even though my picture has been beamed all over Uganda, am proud that am playing my part in raising awareness.”

by Joseph Patrick McCormick
Source – PinkNews