‘Gays Can Go To Hell’ Acting Zambia President Says He Is Vindicated

Lusaka, Zambia – Acting President Edgar Lungu says he feels vindicated over his recent anti-gay remarks following the protests that were held in Paris, France over same sex marriages.

Mr Lungu, who is also Minister of Home Affairs, says the clashes against gay marriages in France are a testimonythat Zambia made the right decision in keeping gays at arms-length. (READ: Anti-Gay Marriage Protesters Take To Streets In Paris)

He also characterized the violence that broke out during the protests as “a timely lesson.”

The Daily Mail reported: “If the French who are known to be highly civilised can rebel against same-sex marriages, Mr Lungu said, who are we to accept this alien concept even in the face of us being a Christian nation?”

In France, a bill to legalize same-sex marriage has passed the lower house of Parliament and is expected to win senate approval in June.

Lungu also criticized Amnesty International for recommending actions that he doesn’t agree with. (READ: Zambia Minister Tells Off EU Over LGBTI Rights Proposal)

‘Mr Lungu recently condemned Amnesty International for calling for the release of two men arrested in Kapiri Mposhi for allegedly being in a sexual relationship against Zambian laws.’

‘He told Amnesty International not to impose laws on Zambia because the country is sovereign and has its own laws and will not be influenced by external pressure at the expense of existing laws.’

He further added: The problem we have found with our Western friends with due respect sometimes is that they like to prescribe one pill for us and reject the same pill in their own backyard. We have refused in the past and we will refuse the regulation of same-sex marriages in the future as we see absolutely no benefit in it. It remains an alien concept to us.

Mr Lungu is acting President and has held several media addresses in that capacity, it has been reported. (READ: Minister Orders Probe Into Gay Marriage Attempt)

In an interview last week, Mr Lungu said gay rights have no place in Zambia and the PF government is not ready to recognise or accept them.

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