Central Asia Essays on Sexuality Issues

From:Himal South Asian Magazine

"The matter of identity: Does identity matter"
The discussion of sexual desire as sexual ‘identity’ in LGBT intellectual and activist circles in Pakistan
is something that is argued with rather than argued about.

" Class, conservatism, and sexuality"
To gain an understanding of alternative sexualities in modern-day Pakistan,
most of the well-known stereotypes need to be tossed aside.

" Comfortable in the virtual closet"
The Internet has allowed for an important kinship to spring up within the Bangladeshi gay community.
But the state of emergency of the past year has shown that it is now time to move beyond the virtual.

" Vagrant voices"
With broader human-rights issues in Sri Lanka being eclipsed by the ethnic conflict,
sexuality-rights activists have a hard time being heard.

" The revolution will not be funded"

If same-sex politics are to have any effect in Southasia, the sexuality ‘movements’ in the region
need to move out of the arena of funding and into the sphere of independent thinking.

" Visibility vs privacy"
These two bedrock strategies of the queer-rights movement make sense separately,
but are problematic when pursued simultaneously.

" Alliances and dalliances"
Queer is a recent description for an evolving politics that questions patriarchal ‘heteronormative’ structures
–- those institutions, such as marriage, family and community, that regard only heterosexuality as ‘normal’.

" Between the verses"
In the rush to ‘define’, have we forgotten Southasia’s long history of blurring
the boundaries of love, of the distinction between the platonic and the sexual?