“ I’m Gay..”

Title above is the true confessions of gay men that I’ve met. I will share with you and other readers their true stories in the following paragraphs.

You told me to check the my facts if I have any. First, I’ve never said that gay communities in Brunei are all muslims. We are all aware that Brunei is made up of mixed races and religions, but I would say that Majority of the gays are Muslims. According to the fact from a small scale researched done by Zulhilmi Haji Jaidin and Pengiran Khairul Rijal bin Pengiran Haji Abdul Rahim from the Academy of Brunei Studies. Among 29 gays interviewed nation wide, 24 of 29 gays are Malay which is Muslims. Fact speak for itself. You may say thay this research is done in small scale but even if we could do more extensive research in bigger numbers. Still majority of the gay in Brunei will come from Muslim Family background.

You mentioned that Gay people need acceptance by the people. I’m fully aware that they are humans like us and they need acceptance, I never said that we should hate them. As I stated to you before, I do not hate gays and lesbians people, but what I don’t like is their homosexual ACT, because as you said yourself before, its haram in Islam. In fact I myself emphasize we shouldn’t isolate them, detest them, ignore them or destroy them as someone stated. That is just totally wrong. We will at least listen to them, understand them, as to some extent what the gay people undergo and feels can not be easily understand by straight people.

I am aware that out there ,there are Gays who knows that being gay is wrong, they know that it is not acceptable by their friends, family and society, so they tried to hide their feelings in order to be accepted. They tried to be straight but couldn’t and they were left distressed and confused. There are also muslim gays who tried very hard to become a devout muslim and ignore their feelings of attractions towards the same sex. As they themselves know that it is wrong to be gay and against the Islamic religion. Let me share you my true stories about gay people that I’ve met & I know in my life. To all readers of this comments, please..read about this stories and think about it wisely.

The first story of a gay guy..i met this guy 2 years ago. He’s from Indonesia and he came from a rich Christian family but he himself is an Atheist as he doesn’t believe in any religion. To shorten the story..one night when I was having a dinner with him. I started a conversation with him about what type of girls he likes, why he didn’t have girlfriend and when he’s planning to get marry. At first , he refused to answer my question and I assumed that he was being shy. I keep on asking him til the point where he felt uncomfortable. In the end, he confessed to me reluctantly by saying

“ Shukri,..actually I’m gay..”. I presume all of you know how I felt that time. There was a bit of silence and awkwardness surrounding us. All I could say that time was.. ”Oh..i see..” while nodding my head and stirring the spoon in the cup. I could see from his face that he was very worried of how i would react. I didn’t want to let him keep on feeling discomfort so I keep on the conversation going. “ Shukri..i hope your ok with this..please don’t be afraid of me”. Just imagine how terrified he was that i’ll ran off and avoid him after his confession. My feeling of shocked and awkwardness turns into sympathy when he said that. As our conversation went on..he said..

“ Shukri..the thing is I just couldn’t change the fact that im attracted to guys. I’ve tried and forced myself to be straight but..” “ I used to try to have relationship with few girls before but it didn’t work out, Im so stressed and I really didn’t know what to do. My parents will not accept me as their son if they know that im gay and my guy friends have avoided me since they know that im gay..Please,..i hope you’ll not abandon me as well..” That’s what he said to me and I believe that you readers should at least have little understanding how some gays feel.

Second stories of a gay guy..he was a devout Muslim Gay from Singapore, being attracted to guy himself, he was aware that Homosexuality is against moral and ethics. this is what he said :- “I’m gay but honestly, I do feel that it’s wrong,” “ I know that Islamic teaching prohibits gay activities. I’m trying to be straight to be close to Allah. I’m praying very hard.”

The third stories is about a friend of mine from Brunei and he used to be gay before. There was a time when he was also attracted to me that he kept on starring at me and tried to be close to me and he even confessed that he used to have a relationship with a guy before. The good thing is he found this one girl, a good girl that became his good friend. This girl was religious. At first they were friends and perhaps that girl did guide him about the religion of Islam and somehow along the way he actually fall in love with her. I met this guy recently and he was still happy with the girl and he sincerely said that he really loves her.

So based on this stories, I do hope that it will gives you all as the readers in general to think about this homosexuality issues. I will not agree if someone said that Gay people should be destroyed, jailed , throw your hatred towards them etc..without looking at the human sense and without trying to understand them first.

However I will not accept and totally disagree if you said that Homosexuality is not a social crime nor social ill and its ok to accept their act. Especially when you are a Muslim. In your case that you mentioned you have many gay friends. Perhaps you cannot change them with your action and words BUT at least what you can do is to feel that their Homosexuality Act is wrong instead of saying with your Arrogance that you have the advantage from the authors/ researchers of accepting that they are Gay , nothing wrong with it and its not a social ill nor crime.

I take from words of the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) that I always heard being aired by Nur Islam 93.3fm. , “Whoever among you see a wrong doing, let him change it with his hand [by taking action]; if he cannot, then with his tongue [by speaking out]; and if he cannot, THEN WITH HIS HEART [by Hating It and Feeling that it is Wrong] – and that is the WEAKEST of faith(Iman)” (Narrated by Muslim, 49).

To HYS..pls don’t delete this part of hadith as it is very important to be viewed by other readers.

So how can you claim yourself as a devout muslim when you yourself don’t even show the weakest of faith(Iman)?? Again I mention, our problems is that we have lack of knowledge in our own religion, Islam.


by Mohammed Shukri.
Source – BruDirect.com