Breaking down barriers to better HIV education, treatment in Myanmar

A joint Australian-Myanmar team is working with police in Myanmar to educate the force about socially-marginalised groups such as men who have sex with men.

Despite the recent momentous changes that have occurred in Mynamar, some police still treat such groups with suspicion and interfere with efforts to bring education, treatment and testing to them.

Though largely hidden, men who have sex with men is a key at risk group.

More than one-in-10 are infected with HIV.

One person seeking to deliver better treatment, testing and prevention services to these ‘hard to identify and reach’ men is Doctor Zaw Min Oo, who’s based in Mynamar.

Presenter: Sen Lam

Speaker: Doctor Zaw Min Oo, from the Burnet Institute Myanmar program, who is working with the Myanmar Business Coalition on AIDS and other groups to educate police and reduce barriers to HIV prevention, treatment and testing

Source – Radio Australia