CCHR calls for Cambodia to show strong national and international leadership regarding the promotion of human rights for LGBT people

CCHR recently called on the Cambodian government to use its position as chair of ASEAN to lobby for the inclusion of provisions protecting the human rights of LGBT people in the draft ASEAN human rights declaration please see attached CCHR’s press release dated 16 January 2012

We unreservedly welcome the fact that Thailand has lobbied hard for the inclusion of such protections in the non-discrimination clause, but are dismayed that Malaysia has blocked these progressive steps. The reasoning given seems contradictory: “in the spirit of unity in diversity” means that diverse views and rights strengthen the whole, whereas this attempt to restrict minority views actually compromises diversity and “unity in diversity”. It is evident that there are widely differing views across ASEAN as regards LGBT/SOGI rights, so any “ASEAN common values” must indeed embrace diversity to have any meaning.

We wanted to see what people’s views were, and what more could be done at this stage to support Thailand’s efforts. If a public statement is appropriate, we are more than happy to collaborate with the drafting, or sign a statement or petition.

Hem Sokly (CCHR SOGI Project Co-ordinator)

Here is the link to the Working Draft of the ASEAN Human Rights Declaration.
Please pay attention to page 3, Item 2, specially to the relevant footnotes.
1. Thailand suggested “gender identity” and “sexual orientation” to be included in the non-discrimination clause.
2. Malaysia objected, saying “Any definition of other status and sex is to be determinedby ASEAN common values in the spirit of unity in diversity.”

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