Gay couple distraught after son obstructs online wedding

A gay couple has told of their disappointment after their wedding ceremony, which was being broadcast live online, was interrupted by the son of one of the couple.
“We feel so upset and disgraced because the ceremony was interrupted by the son. He even beat the guests away. We are too upset to accept any interviews,” said one of the couple in a message to Hu Zhijun Thursday, the executive director of NGO PFLAG China.

The couple, a retired history teacher known as Dabao, and a bottled water delivery man, known as Xiaobao, announced their intention via microblog to hold a wedding ceremony on January 24, and invited 25 Web users as guests.

In a video on their Sina microblog, Dabao spoke of his happiness at finding love at this stage in his life.

“I got him an army coat for when it’s cold and he sent me several bottles of water for free. I’m rich and he’s a migrant worker. But I love him and he loves me,” said Dabao, who has called for more tolerance.

“There are different kinds of love in the world. You shouldn’t oppose us. Don’t stick to the old rules,” he said.

The ceremony was broadcast live on 6Rooms, a platform for uploading video.

Wu Zhiqiang, media officer of 6Rooms, said the couple applied several times for permission to broadcast the ceremony.

“We think we shouldn’t forbid them because of controversial content, which would violate the Internet’s open policy,” said Wu.

In 2008, the State Administration of Radio Film and Television restated that “gay” plotlines should be cut from films.

The relationship has polarized opinions, with some people posting online of their disgust at the behavior, but others saying they support the couple.

Li Yinhe, sociologist and sex expert said the couple’s behavior contributes to the visibility of gay groups.

“It also proves social pressure isn’t so strong and public tolerance is improving,” said Li.

“In China, most people are in the middle position, neither absolutely for or against [same-sex marriage],” said Li.

by Xie Wenting
Source – Global Times