Hong Kong: Rainbow pro-democracy umbrella leads sixth annual pride event

This month’s Hong Kong sixth annual pride event took place with rainbow umbrellas making an appearance in “mutual support” of pro-democracy protests.

Organisers said the rainbow symbol was “a beautiful coincidence” as they had ordered 500 rainbow umbrellas just a month before the Umbrella Movement began.

Pride spokeswoman Wei Siu-lik said: “We support civil society, and we hope it can support us in return, too.

“Mutual support is very important to Hongkongers now. We hope the rainbow umbrella will remind people to support us.”

This year’s rainbow ambassadors were Equal Opportunities Commission Chairperson Dr York Chow, Labour Party Lawmaker Cyd Ho, and singer Denise Ho.

Commonly known as Occupy Central, the Umbrella Revolution gets its name in reference to the umbrellas used for defence against tear gas.

Last year’s event reportedly drew over 8,000 attendees.
Hong Kong’s first ever pride celebration in 2008 had only just over 1,000 attendees.

by Aaron Day
Source – PinkNews