India held its first androgynous fashion show and it looked amazing

Organizers wanted the event in Jaipur to bring gender diversity into mainstream society

The inaugural Feronia Fashion Night celebrated gender diversity with androgynous collections by established and up-and-coming designers.

Organizer Shruti Drolia told Gay Star News the night ‘aimed to avoid gender stereotypes ingrained in our society’.

After contemplating the everyday fear gender-diverse people face, Drolia decided to put on the show.

‘People from the LGBTQ community are people just like we are’ Drolia said. ‘Why do we behave so badly to them?’ the organizer asked.

Audiences received the event well, according to organizers. The wider community welcomed the mix of LGBTI issues and fashion. A highlight was showcasing androgynous fashion by young designers, according to Drolia.

Leading Indian transgender rights activist Gauri Sawant also attended the fashion night. Furthermore, she welcomed the celebration of gender equality and inclusivity. She also underlined a message of ‘humanity above all’.

On the night, Mumbai fashion designer Amar Mithapalli’s collection saw men wear the traditional Indian sari—usually worn by women. Meanwhile, Anurag Manju Gupta from New Delhi presented an MC Escher-inspired collection.

Young designer Padma Raj Keshri from Ahmedabad explored traditional handicrafts in their collection. Finally, Indonesian Designer Hoshigoru William presented a resort wear collection called Metamorphis Bali.

Drolia is now planning an androgynous fashion event larger event in a bigger city in the near future. Importantly, organizers hope to use more LGBTI models in the next showcase.

by Rik Glauert
Source – Gay Star News