Indian cops give flowers to Pune LGBTI pride marchers

Police in the Indian city of Pune distributed roses to LGBTI pride marchers last Sunday to show them they have nothing to fear from them as long as they obey the law

Around 200 LGBTI pride marchers in the Indian city of Pune got a pleasant surprise last Sunday when a contingent of the city’s police force turned up and distributed roses to them.

The third annual Pune LGBT Pride March was held on 24 November and left Pune’s Sarvajanik Sabha at 11am for a circuit of the city streets before returning to its starting point for a brunch.

The march was organized by India’s Samapathik Trust and lead by Sonal Giani of Mumbai’s Umang Group and along the way marchers encountered Faraskhana police station senior police inspector Bhanupratap Barge and a contingent of his officers.

Inspector Barge presented Sampathik Trust president Bindumadhav Khire with a bouquet of roses and his officers distributed roses to the marchers to show them that they had nothing to fear from the police if they were not breaking the law.

Organizers had not been forewarned that police would be greeting them so it was a pleasant surprise to encounter them.

by Andrew Potts
Source – Gay Star News