Lesbian couple exiled from village in Punjab

Swaran Kaur and Harsharan Kaur banned from village and disinherited by family in northern India

A lesbian couple from a village in Punjab northern India have been told to leave their home by the village government and disinherited by their families.

Last month the Punjab and Haryana high court ordered the police to protect the couple, Swaran Kaur and Harsharan Kaur, one of whom is a police officer, reported the Times of India.

The elected head (sarpanch) of the village government (panchayat) of Balahar Vinju in Punjab said the women would not be allowed to enter the village.

‘We refuse to accept this relationship,’ sarpanch Gurmeet Singh said. ‘The villagers and family members of the girls have been disgraced.’

The parents of the women, who have been living together for the last month in a police residence, have also said their not welcome back home.

Swaran’s father Jagpal Das said: ‘My daughter is out of control. We don’t have anything to do with her and have decided to disinherit her.’

by Anna Leach
Source – Gay Star News