Trans candidate in India polls says she was held at knifepoint, drugged

Chandramukhi Muvvala went missing for 36 hours last week but has vowed to continue her election bid

The only transgender candidate in the Telangana Assembly election in India said she was abducted at knifepoint and possibly drugged last week.

Chandramukhi Muvvala has, however, vowed to continue campaigning, according to

‘Though this may affect my campaign a bit, I am in no way backing out of the election’ she said according to the news website.

‘Several attempts were made to convince me to withdraw my application, but I ignored them’ she reportedly said.

Telangana will vote for a new Assembly on Friday (7 December).

The 32-year-old went missing for 36 hours last week shortly after she announced her candidacy.

The abduction
Two men abducted Muvvala at knife-point near her home in Hyderabad, according to She suspected she was drugged as she could not recall the events clearly.

According to her account, she was fed instructions through an earpiece and a transmitter. The voice told her not to cut the call or she would be killed.

Muvvala traveled hundreds of kilometers between cities in India. But, when she reached the city of Chennai, the voice in the earpiece stopped.

She said the presence of two transgender people nearby gave her courage. She, therefore, threw away the earpiece and device and found her way back to Hyderabad.

During Muvvala’s disappearance, her mother filed a court order to find her daughter. The court assigned police officers to protect her.

Other people had threatened Muvvala before she went missing. They urged her to withdraw, according to reported that many transgender Indians from across the state of Telangana have traveled to Hyderabad to support Muvvala’s election bid.

Results will come in on 11 December.

by Rik Glauert
Source – Gay Star News