Japan LGBT news update

Let’s have a look at the latest LGBT updates from Japan. There’s been a revealing poll about the nation’s stance on gay marriage, a HIV awareness billboard causing a stir in Tokyo and an inspirational coming out speech from a teenager.

Billboard censored in Tokyo’s gay district

Viiiv Healthcare has erected a large billboard in the Shinjuku Ni-chome area. The advertisement was part of a public-awareness campaign about HIV and was illustrated by popular gay artist Polo Murata.

The ad featured a ring of various gay men, originally in skimpy underwear, with the message “There are people living with and without HIV and we’re all already living together.”

However, the artist received complaints from the government and was forced to paint shorts on the characters. After receiving further complaints, he then added clothing.

Murata stated that the government interventions “an obvious prejudice and discrimination against gays.” He cited the fact that a lot of sex shops with explicit heterosexual images exist in the area.

Poll reveals that over half of Japanese oppose same-sex marriage

A nationwide survey conducted by Nihon Yoro Chosa-kai and commissioned by Kyodo News has revealed that 53.4% of Japanese adults said they opposed marriage rights for gay couples. 42.3% supported same-sex marriage.

The poll also revealed that 74.6% of adults believed that society in general was unkind to sexual minorities.

As with many similar polls in the region, it also revealed that support for same-sex unions was higher in women, and that those in their 20s to 30s were most likely to support gay marriage.

Japanese teen comes out with inspirational speech

An unnamed Japanese student has given a moving speech about the discrimination felt by LGBT people in the contemporary world.

Borrowing the legendary words of Martin Luther King, the student commented on global gay issues as well as his own experiences as he came out to his classmates and teachers.

by Rik Glauert
Source – Fridea