Japan to air first lesbian drama

Fuji television has announced the airing of Transit Girls, a drama series that will feature a lesbian love story as its central theme.

Japan’s first drama centred on a lesbian love story will be aired next month according to a release from Fuji Television. A promotional photo (above) shows the two lead actresses lying in bed together, apparently naked, looking into each other’s eyes and smiling.

Fuji TV describes the show as “a heartwarming straightforward love story, but the main characters are both girls.”

The eight part series is set to debut on November 7. It tells the story of two stepsisters, played by actresses Sairi Ito and Yui Sakuma, who fall in love when their parents remarry.

However, the series has initially drawn criticism from LGBT activists fro portraying an outdated image of same sex couples.

Maki Muraki, the leader of nonprofit organization Nijiiro Diversity, which promotes workplace equality for LGBT people in Japan, believes the show is sending out the wrong message.

“Having two girls lying naked on a white sheet and using words like ‘forbidden’ is a little out of date, I think,” Muraki told The Japan Times on Thursday.

“The things we do are not about sex. We face a lot of difficulties in our life, for example in the workplace. To be told that the image of us is one of sex doesn’t make me happy,” Muraki said.

Japan is having a good year for LGBT rights: Tokyo’s Shibuya and Setagaya Wards have made moves to recognize same-sex partnerships as the equivalent of marriage.

Last week, the new Minister for Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology Hiroshi Hase said he plans to promote support for sexual-minority students in schools.

by Fridae Editor
Source – Fridae