Osaka district becomes first Japanese government area to support LGBT inclusion

Yodogawa ward in the city of Osaka has become the first government area to officially support the inclusion of LGBTs, passing a groundbreaking resolution

A local government area in the city of Osaka has become the first Japanese district to officially support the inclusion of LGBT people in society.

Yodogawa ward, one of 24 wards in the city of Osaka, passed a resolution following a consultation with residents on LGBT issues which included Hiroko and Koyuki Higashi – the first same-sex couple married at Tokyo Disneyland in March of this year.

‘In order to make this city a livable place for a diversity of people, Yodogawa Ward respects the human rights of LGBT people,’ the resolution reads.

‘Therefore, we will carry out staff human rights training in regards to the LGBT community; disperse accurate information about the LGBT community; support the activities of the LGBT community [and] listen to the voices of the LGBT community.’

Yodogawa ward is home to around 170,000 people and has become a leader on LGBT inclusion in Japan since the election of ward leader Masafumi Sakaki last August.

Same-sex couples have no legal recognition in Japan and are not protected from discrimination under national laws – though some cities have passed their own anti-discrimination laws covering sexual orientation.

by Andrew Potts
Source – Gay Star News