Being Gay in Kazakhstan–a Personal Plea

I tel u the truth–being gay in Kazakhstan, one of the leading Muslim countries, is terrible. I mean, if u r not straight, u r nothing, at least. The worst part is that I am being prosecuted, threatened and bullied every time.

For now, I am in the USA right now: I am studying here. I want to legalize here, so I need information about gay life in Kazakhstan –legal information describing the bad ill-treatment of gays in Kazakhstan.

I’ve been living in KZ since I was born there, from 14 years I began experiencing problems abvout being gay. The Kazakh culture, Muslim culture, is dominated by what the Koran says– that being gay is not acceptable and is a sin.

There were some cases when gays were punished for such relationships, just for being gay. As to me, I was beaten several times, threatened to be killed and many other cases. I had to change my school for that reason, but since I was in KZ, I couldnt hide. I feel so threatened that I cannot tell my parents I am gay. I’d rather die. Here, in USA, I could feel free.
I hope u can help me.

Thanks in advance,
Best Regards

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