Confusion over Kazakhstan’s first ever Pride parade

The Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Association in Kazakhstan has announced it intends to hold a parade in the city of Almaty on June 21st. However, a city official said the announcement is either a hoax or “a provocative scheme.” Sergei Kuyanov, the press secretary of the municipal administration, told Interfax news agency: “(We) have received no request for official permission for a gay parade in Almaty from any sexual minority. In view of the fact that there will be school leaving celebrations in Almaty on June 21st, this information is either a provocative scheme or an information hoax.”

The LGBT Association said they hoped the event would help promote tolerance towards their community. Kazakhstan General Newswire reports that people from Turkey, Ukraine and Moldova are expected to take part. The LGBT Association plans a concert in a city square and said condoms and information would be distributed. The central Asian former Soviet country has a population of 15 million. Gay rights groups faced down violence in the 1990s to secure the decriminalisation of homosexuality. The age of consent is 18 for both gay and straight sex.

by Tony Grew
Source – PinkNews