The 2nd International LGBT festival in Almaty, Kazakhstan

The 2nd International LGBT festival “The Right to Love” was held in Almaty. It was organized by association “Amulet.” Two days of gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender people acquainted with the works of artists, photographers, dance groups, star transvestite and vocal genre. The festival was released on the Analects, “The Right to Love.” Honorary participants in the project were photographers Lida Mikhailova (Russia), Andrei Lyankevich (Belarus), Boris Modylevsky (Israel), the artist Ani Tsertsvadze (Georgia).

In the day program queer festival included screenings, discussion club, “work-shop” “self-acceptance, and much more. “The purpose of the International LGBT Festival” The Right to Love “- as they say Gay.Ru its organizers – to activate the civil representatives of the positions queer community for protection of their rights and interests.” Recall LGBT organization “Amulet” in Kazakhstan since 2008, and as an initiative group was founded in 2005. “Amulet” provides the LGBT citizens of legal, psychological assistance and advice. When “Amulet” work of art club, sports clubs, regularly held the shares for HIV / AIDS.

(Russian to English translation)
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