LGBT community celebrates Pride Month in Ulaanbaatar

Ulaanbaatar: The LGBT community in Mongolia is celebrating Pride Month of June with live music, open discussion on equality rights and cultural events.

Three events celebrating LGBT pride were being held in the Mongolian capital of Ulaanbaatar, where half the country’s 2.7 million people live.

The “LGBT Pride (‘Rainbow’) Month” events were organized with help from the American Corner and the LGBT Center, reports

The 10-year-old American Corner helps students, researchers, teachers and the general public learn more about the U.S. and encourages mutual understanding between the United States and Mongolia.

The LGBT Center is as an organization of activists working to ensure “Human Rights, Justice and Dignity for All.” The group has been educating the public and organizing events since 2007.

Two of three events for LGBT Pride Month were held at American Corner at the Ulaanbaatar Central Library.

The first event held on June 7 was called Rainbow Music Day and filled with live music from Socrates and singer Clifton Hurt, and included an open discussion about the freedom and human rights of LGBT people.

The second event, Poetry Day was a group of people sharing their favorite verses and even singing songs to the accompaniment of guitars.

The room was decorated with drawings by four members of LGBT Human Rights, and some poems in Mongolian and English dangling from strings along with the drawings.

There were LGBT rainbow badges for sale by the American Corner Foundation and some refreshments.

The third LGBT Pride Month event was on June 18 and called “Rainbow Corner.” It consisted of participants sharing their thoughts on LGBT rights.

Although same-sex relations was decriminalized in Mongolia in 2002, there is no legal protection based on sexual orientation or gender identity.

Amnesty International maintains that law enforcement officials continue to commit human rights abuses with impunity and authorities failed to prevent, investigate and punish attacks against LGBT people including attacks by law enforcement officials.

The LGBT community has often highlighted the need for acceptance and understanding of family members and their friends as well as the need for attention by policymakers.

Source – Gay Asia News