Being LGBT in Asia: Nepal Country Report

Being LGBT in Asia: Nepal Country Report provides an overview of LGBT rights in Nepal including the current challenges facing and opportunities available for LGBT organizations and individuals in the country. The report encompasses the major discussions, findings, and recommendations from the Nepal National LGBTI Community Dialogue held in Kathmandu in April 2014. The report begins with an overview of the LGBT human rights movement then examines the policy and legal environment, socio-cultural context, political situation, and religious context related to LGBT rights. This overview is followed by an exploration of the Nepali experience in protecting the rights of LGBT people under six different thematic areas: employment, education, health care, family affairs, media, and community and politics, and is supplemented with findings and recommendations made by the participants of the Dialogue. In addition, case studies are included in each relevant section that depict the contemporary human rights experiences (successes or challenges) for LGBT individuals. These case studies are based on interviews with dialogue participants and on published literature. The organizational development and capacity of LGBT organizations is also discussed and that section is based on an analysis of data from a survey administered during the Dialogue. The annexes at the end of the report include a background and timeline of LGBT advocacy, a list of LGBT organizations, and a list of indigenous LGBT terminologies used in different parts of Nepal.

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Source – UNDP