North Korea soldiers spotted sharing gay kiss on CCTV

Netizens worry about the safety of the two men

Two North Korean soldiers have been spotted sharing a gay kiss on South Korean CCTV.

The images were widely shared on Korean media this week leading netizens to worry for the safety of the two men.

‘I’m pretty sure they’ll be killed if they’re caught,’ one Reddit user wrote.

‘My immediate thought was how basically three generations of their children will suffer if they get caught somehow,’ another said.

‘But this just goes to show that even in a fucking insane place like North Korea that human beings are still the same and want to love one another no matter what.’

Others dismissed the kiss as a display of affectionate between friends that was common in Korea.

‘In Korea specifically, you see a lot of young men walking through the subways with their arms around each other. In places like India, you might see full-on cuddling. It’s a cultural difference,’ one said.

Commenters on the South Korean website Instiz were similarly concerned for the two men.

‘Whether this was released as a joke or not, if those two get caught by North Korea, they’re… done for… I’m really worried for them,’ one wrote.

Others were surprised homosexuality existed in the north or fawned over the ‘cute’ couple.

‘Wow, even North Korea has gays I guess,’ one wrote.

‘They’re so giddy, like a scene straight out of a teen romance drama,’ said another.

‘It’s cute and all but they should learn to hide and be careful,’ another said.

Gay sex does not appear to be illegal in the hermit kingdom, but two lesbians were reportedly executed in 2011 under a law that prohibits anything ‘against the socialist lifestyle.’

‘They were badly influenced by capitalism from Japan and brought corruption of public morals,’ the government said at the time.

The Korean Friendship Association, which is sponsored by the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK) government, said while ‘it is not customary for individuals of any sexual orientation to engage in public displays of affection… Homosexuals in the DPRK have never been subject to repression, as in many capitalist regimes around the world.’

To protect their identity, Gay Star News has obscured their photos, although unedited images of the soldiers have been widely circulated in\ South Korea.

by Darren Wee
Source – Gay Star News