Gay high school law student shot dead for trying to do human rights work

Ryan Hubilla, who wished to one day be a human rights lawyer, was no older than 16

A gay high school law student was shot dead for trying to do human rights work today (14 June).

Ryan Hubilla was one of two human rights defenders killed in the Philippines. Nelly Bagasala was also killed.

Two workers of the group, Karapatan (Right) were gunned down by two men who calmly approached the two and shot them at close range.

Two human rights defenders killed in the Philippines
The murders happened in the village of Cabid-an in Sorsogon City, in the northern Philippines.

A Bicol police spokesperson said the shooting happened at around 8.50am as the human rights workers were paying for their tricycle fare.

Bagasala and Hubilla suffered multiple gunshot wounds and died on the spot, according to Calubaquib.

The young human rights defender, no older than 16, gathered testimony from human rights victims in the province.

They are just two of 60 human rights defenders that have already been killed since 2016.

‘His dedication and love to the people was extraordinary’
Ysabelle, a friend of Hubila, paid tribute to him on Twitter.

‘Ryan is a grade 12 HUMSS student (the educational strand for many hopeful lawyers),’ she said.

‘He was just an ordinary student who was struggling with the time of his life. He dreamed of becoming a lawyer to fight for those who were tortured by the rotten system.

She added: ‘At a young age, his dedication and love to the people was extraordinary.’

She also said: ‘Ryan and Nelly, we will never be tired for fighting for judge against your innocent murder. They are martyrs of the rotten system we have.

‘Hopefully they will be an example of the real situation our country is in.’

President Rodrigo Duterte has faced condemnation from human rights groups for his ‘war on drugs’.

Several opponents of his regime have been arrested and detained for politically motivated drug charges.

Six journalists have been murdered by unidentified gunmen in 2018 alone.

by Joe Morgan
Source – Gay Star News