Sex organ operation not vital to change gender

A Seoul court has Ruled that persons who undergo sex change operations can be recognized as the opposite without altering the sex organ for the first time in the country. According to a research organization specializing in sex change, a Seoul district court Ruled that while sex change operations involve the removal of wombs and other physical attributes, the sex organs themselves do not have to be operated on to be recognized as persons of the opposite sex As a result of the ruling, five persons were able to register themselves officially as those of the opposite sex, men without having to remove their sex organs. One of the five who filed the case with the court said there are medical problems in removing sex organs as part of sex change operations and that it should not be mandatory in getting herself recognized as part of the opposite sex

The person was born as a female but underwent surgery to remove her breasts and her womb _technically called a hysterectomy _ and have been living as a man with injections of male hormones He wears a beard and has a voice like any man and has been living with a woman for the past 23 years without being formally recognized as a man.

Genital plastic surgery, not have to first permit gender transition

Court’s decision that they can change sex transsexual surgery to remove the existing genital cosmetic surgery if you have, even if you did not receive legally for the first time came 16 activists and research for improving the human rights of sexual minorities . meeting ‘sexual orientation and gender identity law Policy Research ‘, etc. According to the Seoul Western District Court, five people, including conventional surgical removal of the breast, uterine ablation, but genital cosmetic surgery a transsexual male A (49) did not receive Mr. seongbyeolran changed from’ F ‘to’ M ‘,” family figured December last year, such as the relationship the past 15 days to apply for register correction embraced Mr. ‘require excessive medical intervention, but not to require the molding of the gender transition that meets the penis and acts as the biggest barriers to correcting the gender of transsexuals permission correcting gender as a constitutionally guarantee the basic rights that ‘contrary to the intent of the permit and gender correction, filed for Mr. A woman was born in the 1990s breast, male hormone therapy, such as hysterectomy and the men are living. shaggy beard and a deep voice, his wife and 23-year common-law relationship, but could not register our marriage can not change legal gender gender reassignment surgery is the last step of the male genital cosmetic surgery with the appearance of men and male identity was not because the legal requirements for correcting gender is male genital cosmetic surgery surgery cost medical risks, such as urethral stricture, skin necrosis, and reoperation is likely deda reaches ten million won in the Supreme Court of the 2006 Tranny sex to allow for correction decision, but Mr. A had stated that the permit requirements’ (biological sex as the opposite sex) and external genital equipped to apply on behalf of public interest, human rights lawyers ‘group hopes to create law Hangaram lawyer getting gender reassignment surgery’ genital Have sex to live with these new firm identity to judge ‘will be understood as a harsh effect that seems to grow a voice that needs to enact laws to reflect the intent of this decision, “he said

Translated from Korean to English
Source – Korea Times