Taiwan gay rights activist takes up legal same-sex marriage battle

Chief Day-way, another gay rights activist, takes up court battle to get same-sex marriage recognized after Nelson Chen dropped case two months ago

A gay rights activist attempted to register his marriage in Taipei yesterday, but was told that only a man and woman can legally marry in Taiwan.

Chief Day-way made the attempt two months after gay couple Nelson Chen (Chen Ching-hsueh) and Kao Chih-wei dropped their legal battle to have their marriage recognized.

Chen said he had lost his faith in the judiciary.

Chief said he would now take up the legal fight to have same-sex marriage recognized and appeal the registration office’s decision in the Taipei courts, AFP reports.

Another group of campaigners, Taiwan Alliance to Promote Civil Partnership Rights, are pressurizing the government to legalize gay marriage through a petition, which has nearly 50,000 signatures.

Last October, 50,000 people marched for marriage equality at Taiwan Pride.

The day before the parade opposition leader Su Tseng-Chang announce his support for gay marriage, making him the only Asian political leader to do so.

by Anna Leach
Source – Gay Star News