Thousands in Taiwan call on their government to be the first in Asia to legalize gay marriage

As Taiwan enters the final stage of a debate over whether to legalize same-sex marriage, supporters of the move have made a final push to convince Taiwan’s lawmakers to pass the relevant legislation.

On Saturday (Dec. 10), supporters of LGBT rights gathered at Ketagalan Boulevard, the main artery around the presidential office. Taiwan’s Legislative Yuan, or parliament, is due to review same-sex marriage proposals on Dec. 26, after months of protests by both supporters and opponents as well as public hearings on the move. Organizers estimated that as many as 250,000 people participated, though police estimates were much lower.

If the proposal passes, Taiwan, seen as one of the most progressive places in Asia, could be the first in the region to legalize same-sex marriage. It already hosts the largest gay pride parade in Asia. But the proposal for same-sex marriage faces tough resistance from conservative groups in Taiwan, such as Christians, who argue that doing so harms traditional family values. Opponents of same-sex marriage have also staged their own large-scale protests in recent weeks.

by Isabella Steger
Source – QZ