Thousands rally for gay marriage in Taiwan

In wake of US ruling, numbers estimated in their thousands come out to push for Taiwan to legalize same-sex unions

On Saturday gay rights supporters marched through the streets of Taipei to push for same-sex marriage. The march ran between parliament and the headquarters of Taiwan’s two main political parties.

Supporters waved rainbow flags and chanted that “gay votes are still votes.” They were referencing the upcoming election which are likely to see a pro-gay party take control.

The marriage bill has been held up in Taiwan’s parliament ahead of elections in January. If it is passed, Taiwan will be the first country in Asia to legalize same-sex marriage.

“Taiwan society has reached the point of acceptance of gay marriage,” said protester Rafael Tsai, according to Reuters. “It’s a shame our politicians don’t seem to be on the same level as the people.”

Taiwan is one of the most gay-friendly countries in Asia and polls have shown that a majority of the population are in favour of gay marriage. However, traditional attitudes still make it hard for individuals to come out to their families.

Spokespeople from both political parties came out to address the marchers and show support. Taiwan’s opposition, the Democratic Progressive Party, is more in favor of gay causes than the ruling Nationalist party. Then Nationalist party’s popularity has been falling as it is accused of being too close toe mainland.

by Fridae Editor
Source – Fridae