Asia’s largest ever LGBTI art exhibition to open in Bangkok

Spectrosynthesis II will open later this year with 200 works from more than 50 artists

Thai capital Bangkok will host the largest ever exhibition of Asian LGBTI art later this year.

Hong Kong-based charity, the Sunpride Foundation, has curated more than 200 works from over 50 artists in the region.

The exhibition, titled Spectrosynthesis II, will show at the Bangkok Art and Culture Centre (BACC) from 23 November, 2019 until 1 March next year.

Works by late Chinese photographer Ren Hang and vocal LGBT activist in India, Sunil Gupta, will be included in the show.

It is an extended version of a Sunpride’s 2017 exhibition in Taiwan, Spectrosynthesis: Asian LGBTQ Issues and Art Now.

The exhibition spans the full gamut of Asia’s LGBTI life. It includes snapshots of places like Taiwan, Thailand, Vietnam, and India where the situation is (often slowly) improving.

But, the exhibition also showcases artists from countries with deteriorating LGBTI rights situations such as Indonesia and Malaysia.

‘Distinctly Asian’
Curator Chatvichai Promadhattavedi said the exhibition would ‘share a distinctively Asian narrative’.

‘The exhibition will also reflect how the historic world is connected to and informs the contemporary, with influence from the West in the background’ the curator said.

Executive Director of Sunpride Foundation Patrick Sun was ’thrilled’ to co-host the charity’s second large-scale LGBTI exhibition, he said.

The exhibition also ‘underscores Sunpride Foundation’s commitment to fostering a stronger and more equitable world for the LGBTQ community and their allies’.

Other artists also presenting at the show include Dinh Q. Lê (Vietnam), Maria Taniguchi (Philippines), Ming Wong (Singapore), Anne Samat (Malaysia) Hou Chun-Ming (Taiwan), Lionel Wendt (Sri Lanka)and Samson Young (Hong Kong).

Besides the art, BACC will host film screenings, live performances, and talks on LGBTI issues.

Importantly, the exhibition will have taken place in two of Asia’s most progressive countries for LGBTI rights.

Taiwan is likely to become the first country in Asia for equal marriage in May this year. Meanwhile, Thailand’s military junta has prepared a bill offering civil partnerships to same-sex couples.

LGBTI travelers from around the world appreciate both countries for their LGBTI nightlife.

by Rik Glauert
Source – Gay Star News