Tangerine Walk-In Counselling

Email to Richard Ammon:

I assume you have seen the news artilces on Google from last year? Also I assume you are asking about the Tangerine Clinic here in Bangkok.

Here’s their English language website: Tangerine Walk-in

As well, here’s a bio of their clinic director, Frits van Griensven:
World Heath Organization

If you have never met Dr. Frits, I would be happy to try to hook the two of you up. He’s a great guy although hard to get a hold of at times (a bit of a recluse actually). Frits was the main driver of all of the data which woke the Asia Pacific world up about HIV amongst MSM and transgender people, thanks to his early (sad that 2003 would be considered early, eh?) research data that showed HIV was at 17.3% in MSM in Bangkok, and then showed that it shot up to 28.3% only 2 years later! And still the Thai government does so little on its own. He created the Silom Community Clinic as a research centre and now he’s working to help do the same for transgender people!

From Paul Causey paul@revisionasia.com