Thai government drafting same-sex civil partnership law

The government in Thailand has formed a committee with policy advisors and LGBT rights advocates to draft legal recognition for same-sex couples

The Thai government has formed a committee to draft legislation on civil-partnership law for same-sex couples.

One of the committee members, Anjana Suvarnananda of LGBT rights group Anjaree told Gay Star News that the committee has already met and the timetable for drafting recognition of same-sex partnerships is six weeks.

‘It’s just drafting,’ said Suvarnananda. ‘And then they will send it to a legal department who will iron it out and make it more legal language. And then it needs to get approval from the government. I’m not sure how long it will take.’

No country in Asia currently has comprehensive civil partnership law. So if this legal recognition is passed, Thailand will be the first.

Thailand has a reputation for tolerance for LGBT people but there is no anti-discrimination law (and widespread discrimination) and even though it is a Mecca for sex reassignment surgery, Thai transexuals cannot change the gender written on their official documents.

by Anna Leach
Source – Gay Star News