The local lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and intersex community has set its sights on 2020 to host a pride parade.

Spokeswoman Alexus D’Marco told The Tribune that the recently formed Bahamas Organisation of LGBTI Affairs and community allies have formed a working group called Pride Bahamas to stage events under the theme “The Rebirth of Pride Bahamas Centering LGBTIQA People in The Bahamas’ Future”.

“The objectives of Pride is to create and celebrate a sense of belonging in the Caribbean as being LGBTI,” Ms D’Marco said.

“Pride is an opportunity for LGBTI Bahamas to reflect on their journey to mark the strides and the chart the way forward to an inclusive Bahamas where they can be there more free, respected, loved and accepted. .

“We are currently in our planning stages and our aim is to create a safe and enabling environment for all. Providing a safe space for our community and guests that will join us in our rebirth of pride is one of our main obligations and priorities.”

The launch is set for May 2020, with events to be held in June.

The Bahamas Organisation of LGBTI Affairs was formed earlier this year to establish a formal office for advocacy against stigma for the community.

Ms D’Marco said the organisation was critical in order to have a seat at the table at respective regional levels.

She is also the lead spokesperson of the D’Marco Group and the newly launched United Caribbean Trans Network (UCTrans).

Pride parades are events that celebrate LGBT social and self acceptance, achievements, legal rights and dignity. They are staged around the world.

by Ava Turnquest – Tribune Chief Reporter
Source – Tribune 242