Gay laws an obstacle

Barbados’ Newest Knight Sir Errol Walrond says the time has come for Government to end the discrimination against men who prefer to have sex with men and women who have sex with women.

Citing homophobia, stigma and discrimination as major obstacles still standing in the way of combatting the AIDS epidemic, Sir Errol, who was this week accorded Barbados’ highest award for his work in the field of medicine, argued for a change of this island’s laws affecting the practice of homosexuality.

“One of the things that I am disappointed in is that our governments, not only here but up and down the Caribbean, whilst paying lip service to getting rid of stigma and discrimination, refuse to do anything about changing laws that discriminate against people.”

“I know I have been abused for saying so, but there is absolutely no reason why we as a free community should be discriminating against any minority in our community,” he told the Weekend?Nation. (GC)