The Gay Agenda Threatens To Destablize Modern Societies

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Last night, I finally had a chance to respond to an email I received from Dan Savage, the editor of The Stranger – wittingly described by a friend as “the alternative” paper to Seattle’s alternative newspaper [Seattle Weekly]. As readers of this blog know, he authored what I thought to be a witty review of Quest Church in the paper’s last edition. I was surprised that he posted my personal email and his response on The Stranger blog for the rest of the world to see. Oh well. My intent is not to engage in battle. That is the farthest thing from my heart. Most that know me will attest to this… While many have assumptions that Christians are hate filled, bigoted and ignorant, it’s my hope that more will realize that issues of justice, compassion, and mercy are dear to the heart of Christians – because they are near to the heart of God.

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For those of you interested in the gay debate the quote above is from a fellow wordpress blogger; it makes for interesting gay conversation. At BU we think that the developed world has gone totally haywire over the issue of gays in our societies. It is a lifestyle issue; in the same way we have alcoholics and other conditions which influence lifestyles, so too we feel the same way of the gay lifestyle. As a society we are encouraged to rehabilitate those afflicted with the non gay lifestyles, not so the gays. The gay lobby is so thick and has gathered so much momentum, how dare the rest of the society to openly disagree!

BU say if that is your wish to be gay so be it but you must expect some consequence to practicing a homosexual lifestyle!

A couple weeks ago Janet Layne-Clarke wrote an article in her inimitable style which blasted the bulling which the hypocritical Barbados society of Christians know to occur within the bosom of the Church__especially the traditional Church, but mainly the Catholics__ but are satisfied to look the other way and say nothing. Last week we listened to a caller to one of the many radio programs indicating that “because it is written in the bible it does not mean that it has to be accepted as the gospel by the public.” The gist of what he meant referred to the time when the written word was practiced in the daily lifes of the majority of the population. As a small society our Christian values was the glue which made us strong. Now as our society has become cosmopolitan our core values have been diluted. The need to satisfy the spiritual hunger has fallen by the wayside. The passivity of Barbadians to absorb a way of thinking practiced by the developed world concerns BU. We have not seen any philosophy which has emerged to fill the vacuum left by the exit of religion.

Ok, we know that this is backward thinking. At least we are thinking!

People who would not have read our previous articles on the gay lobby or agenda, call it what you want, we do not believe that gay priests should be advocating the Christian doctrines in our Churches. BU do not feel qualified to use academic or theological arguments to refute the gay argument. What we know is that our sense of common decency, biological and social efficiency screams-out Wrong, Wrong!

The position of our modern society regarding the homosexual lobby to live and let live is a cop-out.

If Barbados is suppose to be a Christian society let us fight to run our society the way the majority of us would prefer. Those Barbadians who wish to live or accommodate that lifestyle can do so fully knowing that there are certain consequential actions. The priesthood and the teaching and mentoring of our children are two such vocations where homosexuals should steer away.
BU refuse to be cowered by the gay lobbyists like Peter Wickham, who uses our airwaves at prime time to flood our eardrums with the rhetoric which translates to we are people too… ladeeladeedaa. BU know that most Barbadians feel appalled at the idea of gay priests leading our churches. Let them sit in the congregation and seek to change their lifestyle, but for God sakes how can they preach the word! Let us not forget Deputy Prime Minister Mia Mottley who is known to espouse the gay rhetoric as well. What is it about gays that they always seem to have the most powerful voices in the society pushing their agenda. If only the poor and impoverish could attract an equally strong voice, Barbados and the world would be better for it.

A homosexual is a human being. Let us extend a helping hand.

It seems to BU that those of us who prefer a society which subscribes to wholesome and traditional values, we appear to be the bad guys. Hell no! If you are a homosexual that is fine, but you know what, you can’t teach my child at Sunday school. Is that too difficult to understand? There is always a consequential result to any action taken, good or bad. If you want to be a homosexual that is your business but you know what, the society BU prefer will impose some strictures. Let it not be said that BU see a homosexual as less than a human being. A homosexual is a human being with a lifestyle problem and BU also feel that a thief, adulterer, and other transgressors should have to suffer a consequence for their actions as well.

We have become passionate about this issue for a reason which we prefer not to divulge at this time. Why are we so afraid to tell homosexuals to get some help in the same way we tell others who ail with other lifestyle problems. Homosexuality is mushrooming as one of the single biggest social issues which is set to destabilize our orderly societies. By all means come out of the closet but also be responsible enough to know that the society will have to work with you to help you overcome the problem.

by David
Source – Barbados Underground