The U.S. Government Concerned about the LGBT movement in Cuba

Havana will host from 23 to 26 January next the Sixth Congress of Sexology, in its usual venue of the Conference Center, under the slogan “Sex education in the processes of social transformation.”

About this event and educational work which for decades has conducted the National Center for Sex Education (CENESEX), Mariela Castro Espin, director of the center agreed to grant an exclusive interview with CubaSí newspaper.

Bachelor of Psychology, Pedagogy and Sexuality Ms Mariela Castro is recognized internationally as an active figure in the defense of the rights of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and intersex (LGBTI) in Cuba.

Since last November, the daughter of Cuban President Raul Castro, joined social networks, to open an account on twitter, @CastroEspinM, and blog as a way more to dismantle prejudices historically have been established and banish homophobia.

In a meeting with students at American universities, she said last November that “the revolution has changed not only the lives of Cubans but also their sexuality.” Why?

The Cuban Revolution meant not only the achievement of the long-awaited national sovereignty, but also a complex process of creating and implementing the project of justice, social equity and solidarity that has been built and defended during these 53 years. This scenario led to the confrontation and dialogue between generations, cultural patterns, classes and social strata were questioned old paradigms of power based on domination and exploitation, inherited from the Spanish colonial and neo-colonial U.S..

Undoubtedly, this process has generated radical and profound changes in our culture, where prejudices about sexuality, relationships of domination of men over women in the reconfiguration of links and couple in love, in sexual politics that privilege heterosexual relationships and exclude other forms of life and erotic love relationships between human beings which deny certain rights to those who do not meet these parameters.

The Cuban film and other artistic expressions have been collected from a very creative way the vicissitudes of men and women at different ages, for making these changes. For example, the criteria have become overstated the condition and character virginity for marriage, the imposition of a partner for life, the sole responsibility of the male breadwinner and head of family, loyalty standard of women and infidelity men, the rejection of race relations, the myths of menstruation, the disqualification for single mothers and single women, women’s rights, failure to transgender people, gay and bisexual men, among others.

Translated from Spanish
By Mariela Castro
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