Ministry Of Education To Tackle Deviant Behavior In Schools

Government Information Service

Roseau (GIS) – The Ministry of Education has announced plans to crack down on deviant behaviour including incidents of homosexuality in schools.

This statement was made by the Minister for Education and Human Resource Development, Hon. Petter Saint Jean

“The Dominica Labour Party Administration recognizes the challenges that confront our schools. In fact, over the past months most if not all Dominicans [have] expressed concern over the increasing incidents of deviance and misbehavior (what some term crime and violence) that seem to have pervaded our schools and of course the youth of Dominica.”

The Minister further explained that in an effort to address these increasing incidents his Ministry has selected Simeon Joseph, former principal of the Dominica Grammar School, to spearhead the mission.

“My Ministry has assigned or reassigned a distinguished gentleman who has served the Ministry of Education and Resource Development for a considerable amount of time. The task includes investigating and identifying the root cause of deviance and the increasing incidents of homosexuality among our student population and to make recommendations including a practical and achievable work plan to the Ministry of Education and Human Resource Development. This gentleman has vast experience having served as principal of the largest secondary school on island…he delivered what was in the view of many of us, a profound document on the issue of crime and violence in Dominica during a cariMAN Symposium…. Mr. Simeon Joseph will be the Ministry’s champion on the issue of Crime and Violence and inappropriate behaviours among our youth of school age.”

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